Yes, I am American.

No, I am not;
or Tactless.

That’s not to say that there aren’t people like that in America.
And there’s also lot’s of people like that in every other fucking country in the world.

I’ve been to Ireland.
I met many nice people there.
And almost as many assholes.
Yet I don’t generalize the entire country as a bunch of drunken assholes. 

If you think, for whatever reason, that Americans are just some hive-minded blob of arrogant stupidity, then I have news for you.

You are an ignorant asshole.

Oh and also, stop complaining about how fat America is.
Because while it’s decently high, we don’t even have the highest obesity rate in the world.
So kindly fuck off <3.


31 May 12 @ 10:30 pm  —  reblog